Safety & Regulations

The team at Elevated, is extremely proud of our perfect safety record. That being said, we continue to work hard to improve our safety procedures. Our success is founded in a deep rooted understanding that safety must come first in every situation. Elevated Robotic Services Inc. has developed a strong culture of safety that is represented by our SECOR safety designation and has made us a preferred contractor in Northern Alberta. Our team is committed to safety and have outlined the following safety goals.

Health & Safety Compliance

  • $5,000,000 liability insurance
  • In house orientation and ongoing training means all employees and contractors are up to date, familiar with, and apply our safety standards at all times within all levels of the company
  • We perform regular audits to ensure full compliance of SECOR and our own safety standards
  • H2S alive and first aid training for all employees
  • CCUVS training course

Safety Goals

  • A safe, healthy, and positive work environment for all personnel
  • Accident free operations
  • Continually improving our safety standards to meet the most stringent industry standards
  • Ensure the safe operation of all equipment

Regulatory Compliance

CEO and founder of Elevated Robotic Services Inc. Ellen Christopherson has held a private aircraft and glider pilots license since she was 17. She fully understands the need for processes and guidelines when flying any type of equipment.

Elevated Robotic Services knows and understands air traffic. We work closely with Transport Canada, NAV Canada and any other aviation authorities in obtaining new and improved Special Flight Operations Certificates (SFOCs). Our hard work, planning, safety policy and procedures have paid off for Elevated Robotic Services Inc. and we proudly hold some of the most advanced SFOCs in the industry. Our permits include:

The ability to operate in and around major airports

The ability to operate 800 ft above ground level (double the previous limitations established by Transport Canada)

What does this mean for you?

Our permits allow us to get you data and information previously unattainable from a UAV. We are able to fly higher and closer to built up areas, and operate in areas our competitors simply can’t. This means we can provide you with more of the information you need to gain valuable operational insights.

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