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Extending Vision Through Remote Systems

Who We Are

Elevated Robotic Services Inc. is a fully integrated aerial robotics based remote sensing service provider. We specialize in getting you the information needed to solve business problems with a focus on industrial sites in oil & gas, mining, power, and forestry. Using the latest in UAV and remote sensing technology, industry leading permits, and professional pilots, we are able to gather data in the most remote, hard to reach, and dangerous locations.

What We Do

The data we collect is analyzed and transformed into information by our team of experienced and talented data analysts. The end result means you are provided with valuable insights that allow you to make real time operational decisions, saving your company time and money while keeping your workers safe.

Why Choose Us

Our clients receive interpreted reports and data that includes; aerial maps, calculated volumes and areas, 3D models, thermal imaging, vegetation assessments, high resolution images and live video feeds. These services provide your business with the information needed to assist with project management, cost allocating, asset management, marketing, disaster response, and other business processes.

Looking for Training Services?

Sign up for Drone Like Pro! Our introduction to unmanned aerial vehicles workshop.

More Details

Benefits to our Clients

Cost Savings

We use the latest in UAV and remote sensing technology to provide you with information in a cost effective and efficient manner, saving you time and money.

Increased Safety

UAVs and remote sensing technologies prevents problems through early detection while keeping your workers away from the danger.

Increased Efficiency

The ability to quickly mobilize, gather data, and process information means quicker turnaround times and minimal impact on operations.

Powerful Insights

Our client specific project process, data gathering platforms, and processing techniques provide you with the information needed to make important operational decisions.